[tbd] STILL NOTACAMP 2024 is happening on 5-6-7 July 2024 at Het Groeneveld, Amsterdam.
Entry on donation. Send your proposals and content to tbd AT puscii DOT nl

[tbd] calls on you to take a crowbar to the stack pointer and explore with us the raw limitless potential of the (turing) machine.

We welcome any contribution that will salvage the broken remainders of that dream we once dreamed of free flowing information, will weaponise the trash from the electronics bin for the creation of noise and the downfall of the smart city, that creates outside the mind-numbingly boring paradigms of software development, that takes pride in a carefully placed goto statement, or that articulates whatever else the struggle for liberation leaves to be discussed...

[tbd] is a participatory event organised by anyone who is interested in contributing. It is an open invitation to participate in co-creating an environment where knowledge is shared and infrastructure is decentralised. There is space to organise workshops, debates, present your ideas or projects, and engage with other inhabitants of the event.

Theres a mailinglist and #tbd:irc.hackint.org (also joinable via matrix on https://matrix.to/#/#tbd:hackint.org)